Leads Management System for Agencies

A state-of-the-art personalized tool to help you manage your business in an efficient manner. Create a competitive advantage by showing you are technologically advanced and offer great experience. Get free from hassles of day to day operations and spend more time on growth.


The Benefits of using Lead Jenie


Stand-out from the competition and create a competitive advantage by showing you are technologically advanced

Build Rapport

With Lead Jenie's system, offer great experience to teams and agencies and implement a solid retention strategy.

Grow Faster

Get free from hassles of manual operations and spend more time on growth, while we take care of the rest.

Branded in Your Name

Get your private label! The Lead Jenie system will be provided in your company's branding i.e. logo and colors.

Mobile App + Web App

Get benefit from our cross-platform system to automate your operations. An amazing mobile app and a web based system.

End-to-End Management

Get full control users, leads, orders etc. The real-time reporting gives deep insights on your business performance.

Features for you as Business Owner

Send Mobile Notifications

Send News and Alerts directly into your agents phone via your branded Mobile App.

Manage Campaigns

Add your campaigns and set pricing that your Agents will pay to your Vendors.

Manage Orders

Manage orders with detailed reporting. Assign orders to Lead Vendors.

Manage Agents

Create Vendors accounts and send them email invites to join the system. View, Edit or block access of any Agent.

Manage Vendors

Create vendors and send them email invites to join the system. View, Edit or block access of any vendor.

Get Insights

View who is ordering what kind of leads. Keep an eye on the leads submitted. Track performance.

Features for Agents

Order Leads

Your agents can place lead orders via mobile app or web application. They can choose the Types of leads.

Receive Leads

Your Agents get a push notification on mobile plus an email as soon as a new lead is sent to them by vendors.

Manage Leads

Your Agents can view the leads received by vendors. They can play the audio call recording, change status and add comments.

Mobile App

Let your Agents use your branded app to receive leads on the go, place orders, get updates and much more.

Real Time Lead Alerts

Send real-time lead alerts to your Agents wherever they are via mobile push notification


Let your Agents view the reports related to their orders, leads received etc.


Download Demo Mobile App

The Lead Jenie's App demonstrates on how your clients will use this app. Your app will be branded with your logo and colors.

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Features for your Vendors

Send Bulk Leads

Your Vendors can send bulk leads to your Agents using CSV, Google Spreadsheet and Copy/Paste

Send Individual Leads

Send individual lead with a push notification as soon as it is generated via a lead submission form with custom fields

Manage Submitted Leads

Let your Vendors manage the leads they have submitted and show them their performance


More Amazing Features of Lead Jenie

  • Facebook Integration

    Let you Vendors integrate their Facebook forms with your branded system so that whenever a new lead is generated on Facebook, it directly comes into the system and your Agents receive it with a push notification on phone.

  • Google Spreadsheet Synching

    For every new order, a new Google spreadsheet is automatically created and shared with your Agent. Whenever there is a new lead into the system through any source, the spreadsheet is automatically updated.

  • Send Custom Alerts to Agents

    Send custom news/announcements to your Agents. You have the capability to broadcast to all Agents or choose multiple Agents from the list. You also have the capability to send immediately or schedule them to automatically send later

  • Campaigns Management

    Add unlimited campaigns. Your Agents will be able to see your campaigns and order accordingly. Each campaign comes with a packaging system. Each order is campaign specific. Example of campaigns are Final Expense, Injury Claim, Health Insurance, Medical Supplements etc

  • Billing System

    Bill your Vendors automatically. As soon as an order is placed, the invoice is sent to your Agents. You also get the earning reports.

  • Packages

    Create different packages for each and every campaign and set pricing accordingly.

  • Lead Types

    Our system supports 4 types of leads at the moment i.e. Facebook, Web Form (Landing Page), Telemarketing and Direct Mail. We can always add any new types of leads in your private label upon your request

  • Google Maps Integration

    The mobile app shows the pointer on the customers address on Google maps. The Agents can easy get directions to the customer's home through the app.

  • Wordpress Blog Integration

    If you run your wordress blog on your website, you can easily integrate your wordpress blog to the mobile app so your Agents can read the posts within the mobile app.

  • Landing Page Integration

    Let you Vendors integrate their landing page forms with your branded system. As soon as a new lead is generated through the form, it directly comes into the system and your Agents receive it with a push notification on phone.

  • Real Time Lead Alerts

    Leverage the power of mobile push notifications by letting your vendors send fresh leads in real-time to your Agents. As soon as new lead(s) is/are entered into the system, your Agents receive a push notification on their phone wherever they are!

  • Insightful Dashboard

    Get insights of your business through your dashboard. All major KPIs are present in the dashboard and made easy to understand using various graphs. Get insights on performance, revenue, geography etc.

  • Custom Fields for Campaigns

    Each campaign accompanies different type of information, therefore, you have custom fields. Using this feature, you can design the custom form fields for each of your campaigns. While submitting a new lead, the same form is used to send data to your Agents.

  • Online Orders

    Let your Agents pay online for the orders. Offer an online wallet through which Vendors pay into your merchant account, which you can later release to the agents. We currently have Paypal available but any payment gateway of your choice can be integrated upon your request.

  • Bulk Import of Leads

    Your Vendors can import leads in bulk. Enjoy the comfort of importing bulk leads via various methods such as CSV import, Copy/Paste leads and Google spreadsheet. An easy to use interface and available help makes the process real simple for your vendors.

  • Leads Review System

    Your Vendors have the capability to turn on/off the review system. If the review system is turned on in the setting, all leads will first require an approval from the Vendor before they are sent to the Agent.

  • Audio Player for Telemarketing Leads

    For telemarketing leads, your Vendors have the option to include the audio recording of the call. Your Agent can play the audio within the app instead of going to an external link.

  • Demo Account for Agents

    Give your Agents the option to first use the demo account where they will be sent dummy leads. The purpose of this demo account is to help your Agents get a glimpse of how this app works and explore the benefits. You can later turn the demo account into live account when your Agents is ready.


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