Leads Management System

Lead Jenie is a Leads Ordering and Management system. It not only serves in ordering leads but also helps you in managing your leads in an organized manner

for Agencies for vendors

Branded in Your Name

Get your private label! The Lead Jenie system will be provided in your company's branding i.e. logo and colors. 

Mobile App + Web App

Get benefit from our cross-platform system to automate your operations. An amazing mobile app and a web based system. 

End-to-End Management

Get full control users, leads, orders etc. The real-time reporting gives deep insights on your business performance.


Lead Jenie for Agencies

Lead Jenie is a system developed to help Agents manage leads in a better way and in a timely manner. The Lead Jenie system is comprised of a Mobile app and also a Desktop application that notify you in real time when you have a Lead and allows you to manage that Lead right from Lead Jenie APP.


Lead Jenie for Vendors

A state-of-the-art personalized tool to help you manage your business in an efficient manner. Create a competitive advantage by showing you are technologically advanced and offer great experience to your clients. Get free from hassles of day to day operations and spend more time on growth.